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We practice the art of growing a connected, healthy community empowered to create and thrive.

Zeitgeist is a nonprofit arts and community development organization.
We are committed to growing and sustaining a community that is inclusive, diverse, and equitable; artistic and vibrant; environmentally conscious; and a place where every individual can thrive. Working in partnership across our region, Zeitgeist connects like-minded organizations and people to collaboratively create programs that make lasting change.

We run the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe, Teatro performance theater, and Zinema movie theaters. While those venues together represent the physical space of Zeitgeist, it is the people who gather within them to celebrate culture, exchange ideas, and create a shared experience that gives Zeitgeist its purpose.

Zeitgeist is about enhancing and enriching the life of our community. We offer artists a venue to earn income from their work, and encourage them to be bold by offering them a venue free of censorship, judgment, or restriction. We support the local economy by committing to purchase from local farmers, businesses, and craftspeople. Along with all of the great artistic and creative institutions throughout the Twin Ports, we are helping to define ourselves as a culturally rich, creative community.

Our success depends in part on the charitable support of our community. We hope you find the experiences you have here at Zeitgeist to be engaging, awakening, and fun. Please let us know if you’d like to be involved in helping to ensure that Zeitgeist is an institution that lasts long into our community’s future.

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A connected, healthy community empowered to create and thrive.


The Beginning

In 2005 the A.H. Zeppa Family Foundation was started in Duluth and designed to make philanthropic gifts to non-profits throughout the Twin Ports region, across Minnesota, and around the world. The generosity of Alan Zeppa and his parents, and Alan’s decision to set up the foundation in Duluth, was immediately felt locally as new investments were made in arts organizations, environmental efforts, local business ventures, and initiatives to alleviate hunger and poverty.

Between 2005 and 2010

The Foundation and other Zeppa trusts distributed over 18 million dollars in charitable grants and mission driven loans that permanently made Duluth a more vibrant, equitable, and progressive community.

With an additional 5 million dollars, the Zeppa Trusts developed the Zeitgeist Arts Center. The arts center helped begin the transformation of Duluth’s eastern downtown area into an arts and entertainment district, and has helped support scores of local, regional, and national artists of all kinds.

Zeppa Trusts

The Zeitgeist Center for Arts & Community is built on the foundation of the Zeppa Trusts, whose
mission is to:

  • Support the advancement of progressive principles in human affairs, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally;
  • Assist in the development of environmental sustainability through the implementation of progressive policies relating to sustainability, health, poverty, and hunger, locally and regionally;
  • Support the performance and visual arts, locally and regionally.
Kalli Alexandrou
Kalli AlexandrouCafe Front of House Manager, Zeitgeist
Ryan Bauers
Ryan BauersDevelopment Director, Zeitgeist
Matt Bearden
Matt BeardenZinema Manager, Zeitgeist
Andy Bennett
Andy Bennett Programming, Zinema
Drake Berry
Drake BerryKitchen Supervisor, Zeitgeist
Angela Christianson
Angela ChristiansonController, Zeitgeist
Tony Cuneo
Tony CuneoExecutive Director, Zeitgeist
Hannah Dittberner
Hannah DittbernerTheater and Events Manager, Zeitgeist
Mary Fox
Mary FoxArtistic Director, Renegade Theater Company
Evan Kelly
Evan KellyImprov Manager, Renegade Theater Company
Sarah Lueck
Sarah LueckCommunications & Creative Director, Zeitgeist
Matthew Lyons
Matthew LyonsGeneral Manager / Executive Chef, Zeitgeist
Shawna Mullen
Shawna MullenActive Transportation Coordinator, Zeitgeist
Sara Rolfson
Sara RolfsonBusiness Director, Zeitgeist
Brooke Wetmore
Brooke WetmoreCommunity Development Manager, Zeitgeist
Maddy Wegener
Maddy WegenerVISTA Member, Zeitgeist
Job & Internship Opportunities
Community Consultants
Board of Directors

Francis Heid, Zeitgeist Board President
Kendra Carlson
Sarah Seidelmann
Geiger Yount
Aparna Katre
Don Ness
Laura Weintraub
Becky Hartley
Lynn Black
Jon Heyesen
Curtis Landherr
Alan Zeppa

Program Support & Advisory Board

Jean Sramek
Julie Ahasay
Cathy Podeszwa
Brian Barber
Karen Sunderman
Adam Swanson
Salaam Witherspoon
Karen Jeanette
Daniel Oyinloye
Brandon St-Germaine
Caitlin Johnson
Sasha Howell
Piper Donlin

Renegade Support & Advisory Board

Kendra Carlson
Lynn Black
Angela Shields
Justin Peck
Dan Stocke
Christine Stocke
Lacy Habdas
Drew Jensen


222 East Superior Street
Duluth, MN 55802

Cafe 218.722.9100
Zinema Showtimes 218.722.7300
Zinema Box Office 218.336.1412
Teatro Box Office 218.336.1414

Email: [email protected]

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Movie screens for presentations, conferences, meetings, or special events, seats 64 – 100.


Perfect for business rentals, conferences, meetings, and performances, seats 120.


Open lobby area for receptions, birthdays, and much more, accommodates 75-100.


Beautiful lake view room on the 2nd level of the Cafe, accommodates 18-30.