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Duluth’s NAACP chapter is excited to announce our revitalized Freedom Fund Dinner Awards Ceremony and would like you to be part of it!

Following in the footsteps of the national NAACP, recognizing this is a time for action and change, “Groundwork of the Revolution”, will be held February 23, 2018. The theme of our event aspires to raise awareness of inequities and injustice and encourage us to mobilize our communities to work together for change.

In these challenging times of political division, racial injustice and racial inequity, there remains much work to be done. With renewed commitment and outreach, Duluth’s NAACP Chapter is actively involved in the community. Since the recent rise in acts of racial and social injustice, local membership has more than tripled with monthly meetings welcoming new faces who have eagerly stepped up to work to affect positive change.

With your generous support, we will showcase the ongoing efforts and accomplishments of our chapter, recognize and celebrate the work of our members, and host a nationally acclaimed activist and speaker, Seitu Jones to inspire and motivate.

To purchase your ticket(s) to this event, go to: http://duluthnaacp.org/membership/signup/freedomfund

More info at duluthnaacp.org/freedomfund.
If you require more information or would like to sponsor, contact us at [email protected].