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Join us for Season 4, episode 3 of TED at the Teatro at Zeitgeist. The evening will feature music by the talented local singer songwriter Sonja Bjordal of the band Feeding Leroy. We’ll then show the video on the big screen of the TED talk by Esther Perel called “Rethinking Infidelity”. A live, TED-style talk will then be given by Associate Professor of Psychology at UMD, Dr. Ashley Thompson called “Rethinking Monogamy”.

The talk will center on Dr. Thompson’s research that indicates several inconsistencies and powerful paradoxes that exist in modern day relationships. The results reveal that as more opportunities to engage in infidelity present themselves (e.g., dating websites, snapchat) couples and practitioners perhaps need to work to redefine monogamy and revamp methods that are used to resolve conflicts related to violations of monogamy. There is no doubting that people value and prefer monogamy (so it is important to reinforce these relationships), however, we need to work to make monogamy more obtainable for couples perhaps by promoting open/explicit communication and/or redefining monogamy and infidelity.

** This event series is made possible by the generous support of the Lloyd K Johnson foundation, Cheryl Fosdick at CF Designs & Zenith Bookstore. Please thank them along with us for their support. **