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Join us on Monday, August 7th at 5:00pm in the Zeitgeist Cafe mezzanine for the opening reception of featured cafe artist, Seth Korpi.

Seth is an emerging artist from Northeast Minnesota who loves working with ink and acrylics mostly on paper, canvas, or wood. When he is not drawing he likes to work with resin, metals, and crystals constructing Orgone energy devices. When it comes to illustration, he likes to tangle and wrap plant scenes with abstract formations that come randomly to him. He keeps it abstract and slightly surreal because he finds creativity to flow better this way. His approach to art and experience with it as very raw and natural. He values devotion, intensity, and total immersion in the act of creation.

He is inspired by all the entanglement and hidden knowledge within our multiverse. His art is busy because the world is busy with all sort vibrational complexes and frequencies.