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“I hope each piece is open enough to allow the viewer to connect with it. We live in such a busy and
complicated world; if a piece makes a connection with someone, and allows them to just stand back and
breathe, that is very satisfying.”


Shelley Breitzmann is a landscape painter from Foxboro, WI, working primarily in acrylic on canvas. Born in Superior, WI in 1962, she has lived in rural northern Wisconsin all her life. Her work is inspired by the weather generated by Lake Superior: the harsh winters, the storms, the fog…all are compelling subjects. She has been fascinated by the natural world since childhood and is passionate about studying/protecting it.

Majoring in art at the University of WI-Superior in 1980/81, she later received an Associate Degree in Mechanical Drafting/Technical Illustration from WITC-Superior (currently Northwood Technical College) and worked as a drafter, illustrator, graphic designer, and technical writer for 36 years. Though focused on painting since 1977, she has pursued many different creative outlets including gardening, stonework, and writing. She is an avid birder and reader and has spent a large amount of time hunting, fishing, sailing, kayaking, camping, and hiking.

After many years of painting with watercolor, in 2010 she began using acrylic on canvas and found that change to be liberating, fully resuscitating her passion for painting. “Plans for new pieces keep flowing in and I’m always painting in my head no matter where I am. I see new possibilities everywhere. Our weather is continually impacted by Lake Superior and is a constant source of inspiration and fascination. You can’t live up here without being focused on the dynamic weather since it impacts everything you do.” The solitary nature of painting also appeals to her. “When the house is quiet and the work is flowing well, those hours are totally absorbing.”

Retiring from technical writing/graphic design in March 2021, she now paints full-time. She has been part of many juried/invitational art exhibitions and has worked in both public and private collections around the country. Representation includes Siiviis Gallery (Duluth, MN), Sivertson Gallery (Grand Marais, MN), and Lizzard’s Gallery and Framing (Duluth, MN). Her work is also available on her website.

in the atrium


These paintings are for us
They are infused with connection
May we intertwine slowly and in focus
They are shaped like clay
May we draw ourselves peace.
I have worked for beauty
Fast cars, hair salons, vacations
May we be pretty like a flower.
Flowers look like people
Wearing the most majestic crowns
May we be flower people.

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