Arrested Mobility with Charles Brown

Out of My Lane with Wayne Garcia

The War on Cars with Doug Gordon, Sarah Goodyear, and Aaron Naparstek

Strong Towns with Charles Marohn

We Built it That Way with AJ Fawver and Jordan Clark

Between the Lines with Michael Warren


YouTube Channels & Videos

Not Just Bikes


Reconnecting Communities with Scott Kratz and Veronica P. Macbeth


Books & Articles

Paved Paradise: How Parking Explains the World by Henry Graber

Strong Towns by Charles Marohn

Confessions of a Recovering Engineer by Charles Marohn

Curbing Traffic by Melissa and Chris Bruntlett

Building the Cycling City by Melissa and Chris Bruntlett

Walkable City by Jeff Speck

Frostbike by Tom Babin

Streetfight by Janet Sadik-Kahn and Seth Solomonow

Copenhagenize by Mikael Colville-Anderson

Cargo Bike Nation by Mikael Colville-Anderson

The High Cost of Free Parking by Donald Shoup

The Origins of the Urban Crisis by Thomas Sugrue and Adam Lofbomm

Fighting Traffic by Peter Norton

Policing the Open Road by Sarah Seo

Street Design by John Massengale and Victor Dover

Gridlock by John Sutton

Bike Lanes are White Lanes by Melody Hoffman

Right of Way by Angie Schmitt

The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs

Untokening Mobility by  Adonia Lugo, Naomi Doerner, Do Lee, Sarah McCullough, Sahra Sulaiman, and Carolyn Szczepanski

Manifest the Future by Armando Sullivan

Mobility Justice by Mimi Sheller

Transportation for Everyone Storymap by Disability Rights Washington

Transportation Justice Agenda for Washington State by Paulo Nunes-Ueno

Centering the Margins by Yingling Fan, Gillian Greenberg, Niyati Panchal, Maxwell Wilson, Christina Luna, Joseph Amrhein, and Samuel Benda