Through the Duluth Story Project, Zeitgeist is working to uplift the voices in our community, gathering stories about life during COVID and the social unrest of 2020.

This project was created to not only promote healing in our community, but to show those with power and influence what the lived experiences of people in our neighborhoods look like and inspire them to create concrete change.

Art + Truth = Change.


The audio theater experience takes you through a series of true stories from our very own community. Told by local artists, we’ll take you back through the last two years examining how Covid played a part (or didn’t) in our everyday lives. We will intertwine these stories with a fictional depiction of the pandemic world through the point of view of our animal kingdom called, The Raccoons. Come with us as we combine truth with the abstract in this never before “heard” audio experience created right here in Duluth, Minnesota.


The pandemic is a health crisis that has impacted our community and highlighted the extreme health disparities that already existed. Health is more than health care, it is the conditions of the environment  where people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect a wide range of health, functioning, and quality of life outcomes and risks. Economic stability, the way a neighborhood is designed and built, access to education, social connection to each other all contribute to wide health disparities and inequities.  

Think about this – life expectancy for people in the Hillside neighborhood is 10 years less than people living in the adjacent neighborhood of Congdon.  Reflect on why that might be.  

Let this pandemic be a reset to envision and build together a better future, one where everyone feels like they belong to a connected, healthy community.  

Join your neighbors in sharing your vision of what that would look like by adding to our Vision Board installation!

The Community Mosaic Installation will be on display in the atrium art gallery from July 20th to the end of August. This exhibit features individual expressions of community members sharing visions of what a connected, healthy community looks like.



We are at a point in society where we can pause, reflect, and create a new NEXT together in how we want to grow and heal our neighborhoods and our community.

We can re-imagine, re-frame, and re-design our reality of what our neighborhood could be. Imagine if we correct our mistakes of the past and redesigned our neighborhoods based on three universal human rights:

– The right to be who we are. If you’re an apple, it’s ok that you aren’t an orange.

– The right to belong. To be heard and understood.

– The right to become who you want.

Storytelling is a way we can open hearts and minds and change policies and systems.